Дигитален пасош за ковид 19
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Ако може ова најшалабајзерски да се опише е - тест тест, вршиме проба, вршиме проба ... за некои други малку позфркнати начини за следење. Да се разбереме, добри намери , чуј доби, ма најдобри намери, немало подобри намери во историјата на човечанството. Вакви добри намери немало уште од времето на Тито и Сталин ... и плочкарите се згрбавија од работа. 15 милиона комада веќе се продадени, док си рекол - оториноларингологија. Но бидеејќи ова не е пишанска за небањати, туку за малку светско-пописмени, добивате во интегрална форма. Ма да преведувам за некој пеземег да ми прска со Белгејц, најн, Данке! 

Штовани публикуме, сркајте! Добри намери, најхуанистички, само вечерас у вашем граду! 

пс - едино ме теши, што знам кој први ќе се потепаат, редовните заморчиња - мињони

COVI-PASS™ Uses State-Of-The-Art, Patented VCode® Technology. Click Play To Watch The COVI-PASS™ Explainer Video.

EM Bio-Tech is at the forefront of Global Health-Tech and has developed COVI-PASS™A039;, to revolutionise the Health Industry with its Digital Health Passport.

COVI-PASS™A039; can manage the end-to-end (including product tagging) process from test to secure Digital Health Passport. COVI-PASS™A039; is agnostic to any Covid-19 test brand or source, and can integrate with all global COVID test manufacturers.

During this global Covid-19 pandemic, the world is searching for a secure solution, to hold test, immunoresponse information, and vaccination details for now and into the future. COVI-PASS™A039; has been developed to be the world’s most secure Digital Health Passport solution.

Through unique biometric access, users are allowed access to their health and immunoresponse information. COVI-PASS™A039; safely facilitates safe return to work and life.

COVI-PASS™A039; is equipped with military grade encryption and has more than 2.2 Quintillion variations of codes, which securely corresponds to certified tests, all of which can do something different based on the details of the scanner: user ID, time & date, device type and how many times they have scanned.


The VCode® can be scanned at distance (in some uses over 100meters), applied at sizes down to 100 microns, scanned within 170-degree angles and features error correction where the code still works when partially damaged.

In scan rate efficiency, VCode® is up to 10 seconds faster than other technologies, which could save hours for Healthcare, Businesses and social requirements, when reaching a high volume scan rate. The uses of VCode®A039; span all Industries from payments, traceability / anti-counterfeiting measures to identity provisioning.

Theresa May - Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“I know VSTE prides itself on its ‘in@257;nite Possibilities’ - and it is exactly that sort of optimism this country needs to power its economy. Manchester’s exciting tech industry is already sparking new ideas and new businesses and VSTE will be able to spread the word.”




COVI-PASS™ is your Life Time Value Added ePassport

VCode® allows any user to gain information instantaneously on the move in both online and offline environments.

Information can be distributed in various ways based on the user demographic and / or past interactions.

VCode® links directly to any form of information such as; websites, videos, photos, books, documents and much more.

Assign any form of information to your own VCode® securely. Your VCode® can store anything from identity details, in case of emergency information, health records, payment methods, car registration numbers, business card details, social media links and much more all from the same code.

Sensitive Information can only be read by those with permission on demand.



In order to safely return to work and social interactions, up-to-date and authenticated health information is vital. COVI-PASS™ is a secure, patented and trusted solution that can successfully deliver on this objective.


COVI-PASS™ is able to display past and current Covid-19 test results to confirm your immunoresponse. This ensures confident return to work and life.


COVI-PASS™ connects your personal biometric ID + Covid-19 test result + unique VCode identifier = Health Authenticated


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